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By who? with Rakiya The Artist, is an enthusiastic, sincere and spontaneous teacher. She infuses her state of mind and body with a lot of energy around her.

His strength, his frankness and his experience in addition to his multidisciplinarity have shaped his life as a curious artist open to the world.

Internationally renowned artist, his work is meticulous and advocates; the research and authenticity of each learner. His work is based on experience in the service of technique.

Why? online coaching allows students who cannot travel to take relevant courses adapted to a specific request and at suitable times.

The student may not know his ‘need’ in this case after a trial class Rakiya The Artist will offer you a special program tailored to your needs to improve yourself and equip you towards awareness and independent work. .

It can also be alternated with face-to-face courses, in general there are 4 online courses and 1 face-to-face to work on a theme.

Online courses are organized with Zoom, they are planned according to the possibilities either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening during the week or on weekends.

The duration of the lessons varies from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes individually and up to 3 hours for groups.

For who? whether you are a beginner amateur or an experienced professional or someone who has never danced. Accessibility to the art of dance to all is a strong value for RTA.

In which disciplines?

  • Classic dance
  • Oriental dance
  • Indian dance
  • Flamenco dance
  • Body in Accord (management of emotions, listening to the body and work on self-appropriation here and now).
  • muscle work and flexibility.
  • musical interpretation work.
  • Culture and dance.
  • Custom creation (based on music or RTA offers music).
  • Preparation for shows and or auditions.
  • Stress management for the dancer.
  • Management of dance lessons (you teach and you need advice on your method, subject or management).
  • Managing your career (looking for advice on how to develop or start your career).

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