Above all, an entrepreneurial and daring businesswoman!

After studying law and marketing simultaneously and training in classical dance on piano and music, Rakiya founded ARABESQUE asbl in 2000.

Audacious and whole, the Artist lives exclusively from his art from the beginning of his career with very low means.

At the time, she had a clear idea of ​​her objectives: breaking codes, changing mentalities, opening the field of possibilities, desecrating and popularizing access to dance schools.

The young entrepreneur from a modest background is sensitive to minorities and any form of exclusion, carried by the strength of its cultural diversity.

At the heart of promoting her native region, it is in Mons Borinage where she awakened to Art that she decided to implant her Arabesque company.

After twenty years of fighting, sacrifices, this businesswoman with the vision of excellence has hoisted this thriving business in a precarious industry.

Today she employs 3 collaborators, a team of 30 trainers, dancers and musicians as well as some volunteers.

Her management wants it in the image of the artist she is: decompartmentalized, visionary and open to the world.

Since 2018 Arabesque enjoys an antenna in the Hauts de France, and hopes to create a last antenna Casablanca in Morocco, land of part of his ancestors.

This creative woman, eager for freedom, is today an exemplary entrepreneur, an accomplished artist of international renown.

“There is only one dance, that of expression, of emotion, of the translation of the unconscious self”

Dancer of life, Rakiya can move from one dance to another with great ease.

Her mastery of different dances allows her to draw strength from each of her and to deliver an explosive result. Trained in a traditional and purist dance, Rakiya enriched her with a definitely contemporary style.Sometimes light and vaporous, sometimes impertinent and brazen, Rakiya’s dance is powerful and surprising;she knows how to combine the extremes and to marry them, to become one of a thing and its opposite!

An eternal student of dance, Rakiya has trained and continues to learn new and renowned disciplines, innovative and up-to-date.

Like an alchemist, Rakiya took advantage of all these sources of inspiration to weave her signature. A rigorous technique mixes a great ability to translate the emotions transmitted by the music. It’s the music that sets the tone and the body follows.

Her style, marked by a remarkable harmony between body and mind, from the understanding of music to the mastery of authentic and spontaneous movements, is borrowed from strength, on the one hand and femininity on the other.

This harmony is reflected in an exact reproduction of the music by the movements of the body. His dance is a work and a permanent introspection minute and precise where the technique combines with music and emotion.

Strong presence on stage, Rakiya oscillates between earth and sky, fire and water, she is a “researcher” in dance!

Dance training since 1983 to today

French classical dance with Madame Bouchez from the Quaregnon Academy, Russian Vaganova method with Madame Koldamova from Bulgaria, Marta Graham dance technique with Madame Maggie Boggaert from Paris.

Flamenco dance with Miguel and Sevillanas, classical oriental dances with Yasmina of Cairo, and folkloric, Maghreb and Berber dances, dance therapy with France Scott Bilman in Belgium, Katak Indian dance and Bollywood, Polynesian dance self-taught.

“Each dance is a tool for another dance, the journey creates the movement and the magic operates to be reborn again and again”

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“Dance has put me in balance”