Dance and pedagogy, critical thinking.

An educated pedagogue, Rakiya is an experienced teacher, diligent and endowed with a great faculty of empathy.
She transmits her knowledge through courses and courses where technique and inventiveness merge.

Looking after the others

It is through the questioning of his teaching that Rakiya built his pedagogy. It is thanks to classical dance and its complete program that it reorganizes the teaching of less structured world dances. Its methodology is comprehensive and based on the cultural approach in a broad sense. History and anecdotes are ubiquitous if you attend a dance class with Rakiya. She also decides to put pleasure back into the center of teaching in the dances of the world. She works tirelessly to improve the level of her students.

Despite her young age, she has already trained two generations of dancers from all walks of life, carrying her values ​​of transmission. Rakiya designs and coordinates the educational project Arabesque with a multidisciplinary team of more than fifteen teachers. She dares to go back on the accepted ideas, breaks the codes anchored in the artistic education and the beliefs in general.Rakiya is always listening to amateur, semi-professional or professional learners. She is passionate about teaching. For her, her career as a solo dancer is not enough; his teaching nourishes his artistic work and vice versa: they are indissociable.

“The teacher is a smuggler of knowledge in the same way as the student, it is in the exchange that the pedagogy operates”

A quality network for 360 ° education

  • the physical therapist Thomas Sluys, for the motor body.
  • A professor of anatomy Habib El Maaza, for the knowledge of the organic mechanisms of the body.
  • A specialist in education Brahim El Maaza, a graduate in education sciences and educational coordinator at the Belgian College of Casablanca in Morocco.
  • A specialist in mental health, Ms. Fabienne Schoonheyt, occupational therapist and hypotherapist, for the emotional body.
  • Sports coaches, his parents Brahim El Maaza and Araceli Gomez, now retired, they taught healthy bodybuilding before, and physical preparation for all sports for forty years between 1965 and 2005 in their room Araceligym. For the work of the body throughout a career, their long experience is a very rich support.

Body Transversality and Differentiated Pedagogy.

The current dancer is no longer attached to a single discipline to succeed in a career or simply to evolve in his dance and fitness, versatility is a decisive element; in teaching, the approach is the same. A multitude of pedagogies have proved their worth. However, according to RAKIYA, it is the links between all of them that offer the best results and that seem more adapted to the multitude and diversity of students met and trained.


A scientific approach.

In the United States and Canada, researchers have been wondering for several years about the dancer’s well-being, his safety and his injuries.

Previewing is now a technique that no longer has to prove itself, its efficiency and the benefits generated are considerable. Rakiya first experimented on her first with great success: decreased injuries, even self-healing, reduced fatigue, increased muscular power, balance and improved performance and endurance. For some years she has self-experimented.
Since then, she has applied this technique within her company, to certain groups of students, in her artistic coaching and she tries to develop simple and accessible practices for young children and extraordinary people via the project “body in agreement” She is planning a trip to the United States or Canada, in a short time, to talk to these researchers to enrich her approach and improve her teaching.

Professionalize the teaching of dance in Belgium

Strangely the teaching of dance is not professionalized in BELGIUM, unlike France or the Netherlands, which leaves the door open to a multitude of things not always consistent.

future teachers often find themselves lost and isolated in the face of the greatness and responsibility of the task. It is in front of this urgent need, and in my experience of more than twenty years that RAKIYA decided to propose a professional formation unique in Belgium; it combines theoretical and practical courses, and also allows exchange and dialogue between professionals to improve the working condition of dance teachers still very precarious. More info: here

Testimonials from the trainees of the first class

Nadège Bougard, teacher of initiation to dance for 4-5 years

“An interesting and practical training that answers the many questions that a teacher of dance poses and asks a thousand more. I really could discuss problems, questions that we all face in a dance studio. No judgment, no ready-made method but a real space of speech structured by professionals of the dance, the art therapy and the body. Great way to evolve as a teacher and to develop your students … “

Tatyana D’Avolio, teacher in oriental dances, Indian dances, flamenco and urban dances

” The training allowed me to structure a year of teaching more clearly, to organize my program according to classes and ages, setting clear goals. I was also able to see things that I was doing well, and especially things that I had to change and through the exchange with the other trainees, I now have a list of ideas and avenues to explore for the new season. Thanks to this training, I feel more confident and I know today that I can continue to exchange with other trainees or with one of the training teachers, it feels good! 

Nejma Nichane, teacher in urban and Indian dance, speaker in the project “body in agreement”. 

This training opened my eyes to what kind of teacher I was and not only. I just realized that teaching dance certainly went through “theory”, knowledge, technique, exchanges with colleagues, permanent questioning, … but also that you had to learn how to prepare his courses, build a relevant educational project, invest, boost his students, manage his schedule, evolve continuously, … I leave rich, grown up and I do not feel lonely when I’m in a studio. If you want to professionalise your teaching and discover Dance, I strongly recommend you to take this training!