Courses and training

Dance coaching for pre-pros or pros and amateur

You want to deepen your knowledge of dance technically or artistically, work on a specific in-depth gap, receive guidance in the direction of the dance trades, present a creation or simply take a dance class to improve yourself with a professional in all intimacy, whatever your age or your level.

You are stressed and dread the idea of ​​finding yourself in a dance hall with strangers, you prefer to start the dance in complete privacy with a professional who can guide you at your own pace in privacy, whatever your age or level.

Artistic consultant in associations or dance schools

Are you already teaching dance or running an association or dance school or offering dance classes to your account? you feel overwhelmed by the workload, do you need concrete advice on the strategy to put in place to develop your business? Or define the artistic direction, or the management of students, teams?

Possibility of good gifts to offer a pleasure to your loved ones


Saturday mornings between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, or another day depending on availability.

places available on Saturdays:


Rates: from 35 euros to 75 euros per hour according to demand and frequency.

* Information session on Saturday, September 7th from 17H to 17H30 at Arabesque:

Masterclasses, a unique concept in Belgium!

New season of masterclasses under the theme “Boost your technique” .

For this new season, I propose to exceed your limits by boosting your technique with relevant exercises, which will allow you to improve your technique and your performance in all types of dance: by strengthening the center of the body, perfecting the coordination, balance, alignment and flexibility to release the body and allow for maximized freedom in dance. In addition to this technical work, our lab-dance approach, which has been the success of masterclasses for 5 years, brings together dancers from all types of backgrounds. unique concept in Belgium where the diversity of each is shared as a true wealth of wealth in the image of the artistic roots of Rakiya The Artist.We have in our masterclasses urban, oriental, classical, contemporary and Indian dancers, join us for an experience at the top, from 16 years. For the seed-pros, pros or hypers motivated

New this year : 1 more concentrated session of 15 intensive courses from September to the end of March, work of public end-of-session composition for all trainees on Saturday, March 28th.

Saturdays from 11H00 to 12H30 the 14 / 09-21 / 09-05 / 10-19 / 10-09 / 11-30 / 11-07 / 12-21 / 12-25 / 01-01 / 02-15 / 02 -22 / 02-07 / 03-21 / 03-28 / 03

Participation fee: 195 if annual payment / 30 euros if monthly / possibility of payment method.

New : possibility to organize Masterclass at home, minimum of 3 workshops to leave according to your needs, within your school of dance or association, to receive the available rates and themes click here

Information session and free trial on Saturday 7th September from 12.00 to 12.30 at Arabesque:

Training “teaching dance” promotion 2019-202 Professional training “teaching dance”

teach dance to children, teens and adults  

By whom ?Rakiya The Artist, dancer and choreographer director of the School of Arabesque dance is the initiative of this project. It advocates a plural pedagogy adapted to the individual and not to the group. She has developed a free dance based solely on the moment and mindfulness, enriched for years by the diversity of her training, Discover her profile as a teacher and dancer

Other stakeholders of the training:

Habib El Maaza, for the anatomy module and Fabienne Schoonheyt, for the dance and pathologies module

For who? This training is available to teachers, educators, early childhood professionals, dance and / or sport animators from the age of 18.  


As a teacher and director of Arabesque for twenty years, I have often gathered the testimonies of professors a little lost in the face of the greatness of the task at hand. Teaching dance is a work of goldsmith where “know-how”, pedagogy, psychology, questioning, altruism and humility merge.  Teaching dance is a profession in itself, a wonderful profession of heart but not only. It is essential to receive training to carry out its teaching with the students and to see them evolve, step by step, in complete safety. The teaching of dance has long been a victim of its system: indeed, many teachers of dance combine, still today, hardness to result; But the company has evolved and this approach has become obsolete. The task is great: organize an entire season with a gala year or not, is not easy.

Motivate his students and federate them around the projects, to be able to observe them to understand what they live through our choreographies. Do not succumb to control, face personal fears or beliefs, know how to take the time to be there for them, listening to them. Keep your teacher’s place while establishing relationships of trust with the group. All this without the teacher being exhausted.Thanks to this training, the teacher will have the chance to exchange with other colleagues on his own experiences and / or difficulties encountered. This is a unique opportunity to promote exchanges in this profession which suffers from a real social precariousness.

Finally, as a school principal, my desire is to make dance accessible to everyone. Many people started dance classes as a child and gave up, upset by the inappropriate behavior of the teacher. Still others did not dare to make a trade because they were not advised in this direction. If I professionalize the profession, I would allow more girls or boys to find a “well-being” and see vocations, as in countries such as Canada, the United States or Russia. Let us improve the working conditions of dance teachers and professionalize the dance professions for a future artistic influence in Belgium.

When :

Saturdays from 9:00 to 15:00 with a table time of 12H to 13H

28 September / 26 October / 16 November / 14 December / 18 January /

February 8 / April 7 / May 9 and 23 / June 13 written and oral exam *

The exams are accessible if the student reaches the 80% of attendance.

Training program:  

  • Values ​​of the teaching of Arabesque.  
  • Safety, hygiene and ethics of a dance class.  
  • Teach teamwork, promote decompartmentalization from the inside to the outside of the structure.
  • History of dance.
  • Anatomy body / movement.  
  • Plural pedagogy adapted to the individual. Relational, psychological and motor aspect.  
  • Subject matter, dynamics and objectives of a course and how to evaluate students.
  • What you need to know about music to teach and where to find interesting leads by promoting decompartmentalization.
  • Motivate and bring a group towards autonomy in a dance class and / or show.
  • Context of the dance education market in Belgium and cross-border. How to develop your teaching activities?
  • Practical and theoretical examination and delivery of a certificate of participation.
  • Practical internships in companies: in addition to practical courses, we offer practical internships within ARABESQUE and / or with our partners. The training hours will be spread during the last month of the training in a class of children, teenagers or adults depending on the possibilities.
  • Examination and Certification: A theoretical and practical exam is scheduled at the end of the training for which a certificate is issued. A second session is proposed to trainees at the end of August. Only students with an attendance rate of 80% are admitted to the exams.

Training fees:

The costs of the training amount to 750 euros payable in 1 time or possibility of staggering twelve monthly installments of 65 euros.

Information sessions:

The training tempts you but you hesitate or you have additional questions?

Information sessions at Arabesque at:

  • Wednesday, September 4 from 14H00 to 19H00
  • Thursday, September 5 from 16H00 to 19H00
  • Friday, September 6 from 16H00 to 19H00
  • Saturday, September 7th for a collective information session from 16H30 to 17H00

You can also contact us by mail at or by phone / wasap at 0473 / 694.434

Testimonials of trainees from the first class:

“This training opened my eyes to what kind of teacher I was and not only. I just realized that teaching dance certainly went through “theory”, knowledge, technique, exchanges with colleagues, permanent questioning, … but also that you had to learn how to prepare his courses, build a relevant educational project, invest, boost his students, manage his schedule, evolve continuously, … I leave rich, grown up and I do not feel lonely when I’m in a studio. If you want to professionalise your teaching and discover Dance, I strongly recommend you to take this training! “. NN

“I like dancing and I like to pass on to others, adults and children, so I took up the challenge. And to help me in this new challenge, the training is timely, to confront the practice of dance, my practice to the theory and experience of Rakiya which is for me very rich and very interesting. Throughout the training, we have learned a lot, made discoveries, reflected on our practices, on us too … In short, I recommend this training to all. »GD
The training “teaching dance” allowed me to structure my classes more precisely. To level more easily with the skills bases and benchmarks that Rakiya gives us. Also to realize the strengths in my teaching and to pinpoint my shortcomings. To hear other trainees testify about their problems also reassured me; I’m ready for a new season. “ TD