Artistic Projects


What is the function and role of the artist in our society?

This question, Rakiya is asked from the beginning of his career, to walk with the most authenticity possible.

Very quickly, it seems clear that she must work with young people, citizens, minorities or disadvantaged people.

Build bridges with the rest of the world, develop connections with artists around the world, whatever its know-how.

Change things anyway, create movement.

It is in this line of conduct that she has developed various projects that she calls artistic actions.

Discover them below:

Creation of a quality dance school accessible to all.

She founded in 2000 the ARABESQUE association .

This school aims to promote culture through the dances and music of the world.

She advocates a dance of open quality accessible to all and for all.

ARABESQUE offers a flat rate well below the market.

She works for the accompaniment of young people to the trades of the dance in the sense broad, and takes action to professionalize the art of dance and education in Belgium.

It has nearly four hundred intergenerational members, of all levels, all conditions and social mixes.

Its contribution policy allows its members to benefit from a low standard rate and quality.

ARABESQUE has an antenna in Maubeuge since September 2018.

Discover its quality school like no other:

Professionalize the teaching of dance in Belgium

NEW AND UNIQUE IN BELGIUM: Professional Training “Teaching Dance” by Rakiya The Artist.

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Dancer training

The Arabesque Dance Company was founded on this ideology in 2003, it consists of semi-pros and pros as well as guest artists and back-ups for one-off projects.

The company is very active artistically, each season it offers original creations as well as entertainment shows for all ages.

The dancers involved in this creative project enjoy individual and individual coaching and high visibility thanks to the notoriety and professionalism of Rakiya The Artist.

Discover the company:

Teen Project Co., our young people, their talent, and their passion.

Teen project Cie, a unique project in Belgium in the heart of Mons Borinage .

It is a unique project in the heart of Mons Borinage, for motivated and deserving young people between 14 and 17 years old.

The program aims at an artistic immersion in the dance and satellite trades.

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Accessible art in schools and institutions.

Primary schools and institutions

Discovery workshop:? We are all born artist!

Which child does not dream of becoming an artist?

Every child nourishes deep inside him this ideal.

Is it possible? How to become an artist? We all are, but then what ingredient is missing from our talent for it to take shape?

Is not this daring, trust? How to infuse them with the power to believe in it? The dream is unique to the artist, rich in his beliefs, he opens the field of possibilities and brings hope.

Program: from 9h to 12h on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, mixed children from 7 years in the premises of the Arabesque asbl or at your school.

Educational project, workshops, animations, and conditions by mail via our page

Dance for extraordinary people

Body project in agreement: the dance a tool indispensable to the well being!

In recent years we often hear the term ‘inclusion’ for people with motor, mental or emotional distress.

For almost fifteen years, Rakiya The Artist has been working for accessibility to all with the pleasure of moving. As an artistic artist, she brings the pleasure of tasting dance with the collaboration of the different centers of the region.

In addition to these collaborations and, in a desire to erase the barriers, the non-profit association Arabesque offers 2 body workshops in agreement.

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Dance within companies

Personal development and management of emotional behavior (in groups or individually). We offer “well-being” workshops through simple games and fun experiences accessible to all: satisfaction at work, self-esteem, team mobilization and solidarity, group cohesion.

To increase efficiency and combat absenteeism and promote well-being at work.

More about conditions via contact

Collaborations with artists from around the world and from all walks of life.

Production of his own music: and his album Heritage

Rakiya presents his first album: “Heritage”, a tribute to his origins and the richness of his cultural heritage.

Recorded in Cairo with the legendary Safaa Farid , you will find Egyptian classics as well as original compositions such as Carmen Oriental and a belly dance by the famous Armen Kussikian from Buenos Aires.

Available by mail or digital mail for 15 euros.

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