Entrepreneurship is creating to bring people together.

Rakiya took this approach from the start of her career, to walk as authentically as possible away from imposed models.

Very quickly it seemed obvious to her that she had to work with young people, citizens, minorities or disadvantaged people.

Undertake; create bridges with the rest of the world, develop connections with artists from all over the world, whatever their expertise.

To change things, in any case, to create movement. It is in this line of conduct that she develops various projects around the world according to her travels and meetings.

Entrepreun’Art: an artistic vision and an entrepreneurial approach

Rakiya The Artist founded and managed for 20 years the Asbl ARABESQUE, artistic center for training, creation and distribution approved in performing art.

Arabesque is an approved non-subsidized cultural operator. His vision ?

  • The Art of Dance as an intergenerational and social cultural federator.
  • The open-ended art of dance accessible to all.
  • The art of dance: a profession.

Find the activities of Arabesque Infos: https://ecolearabesque.be/

Palabras de Cuerpo the article.

“Palabras de Cuerpo” a project born of synergistic passions.

With flamenco artist Anna Villacampa , Fuerteventura Isles Canaries, Spain:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1avloB37Q9k&t=452s&ab_channel=RakiyaTheArtistArabesque

With the professional boxer artist Mohamed Sder , in my native Quaregnon in Hainaut, Belgium:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srxHjZocSsk&t=24s&ab_channel=RakiyaTheArtistArabesque

In the heart of Cairo Heritage

Rakiya is a passionate musician trained in music and the piano, it is natural that she decides to produce the music she wishes to dance. It is in Egypt in Cairo that she begins this adventure which is particularly close to her heart. A lover of great Egyptian music, she remastered old songs to bring them back to life and allow contemporary generations to rediscover her forgotten works.

Rakiya presents her first album:  Heritage , a tribute to her origins and the richness of her cultural heritage. Recorded in Cairo with the legendary Safaa Farid , you will find great Egyptian classics but also original compositions such as Carmen oriental and a baladi by the famous Armen Kussikian , from Buenos Aires.

New discover Heritage the show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNq7wyQ4CD8&t=1373s&ab_channel=RakiyaTheArtistArabesque

To order  the album: contact

My life as an Artist, are we talking about it?

Are we talking about the life of an artist? the idea was born from Rakiya’s entourage.

She decides to share her experience as a female entrepreneurial artist

Two young artists including his daughter Tatyana D’Avolio dancer and Alexandre Debieve visual artist discusses with the business manager Rakiya around the issues that the artist encounters in his professional and private life, the first episode of the videocast in images, do not hesitate not to leave a comment and subscribe to the youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIkHQe9dX2M&t=51s&ab_channel=RakiyaTheArtistArabesque

Editing testimony and production: Alexandre Debiève

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandre_debieve/

Testimonial and Make up: Tatyana D’Avolio Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/freeda/

Coming soon to the next episode, stay tuned

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