2021-2022 season internships

Artistic coaching

Retirement dances

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2021-2022 season internships

DANCE PRACTICES in Fuerteventura, Spain Canary Islands July 2021    info to come

DANCE WORKSHOP with live oriental orchestra in Brussels on Sunday 17th October

poster information

Berber dance workshop and conference in Morocco on while   waiting for a new date

Rêves d’orient internship in Valencienne awaiting a new date

Live orchestra course in Cairo, Egypt during the Camp Negum festival from November 8 to 13, 2021, dance, music and culture holidays with many artists, orchestrated by the legendary singer Safaa Faridévénement / camp -nego /

DANCE workshop in Istanbul, Turkey February 2022    information to come 

Dance workshop in Agadir, Morocco from April 2022    information to come 

You wish to organize an internship, a training and / or a conference within your establishment, click   here    to receive their program and complete prices for the 2021-2022 season

Artistic dance coaching for all  

face-to-face or   online 

You want to deepen your knowledge of dance technically or artistically, explore a specific gap, be guided in the dance professions, present a creation, or simply take a dance class for yourself.

Improve only with a professional in complete confidentiality, whatever your age or level. You are stressed    and you   fear   the idea of ​​finding yourself in a dance hall with strangers, you prefer to start dancing in complete privacy with a professional who can guide you at your own pace in complete privacy, whatever your age or your level.

More coaching topic, click   here 

Retirement dances

DanceB & B intensive weekend

A balanced dance, coaching, training and meal stay with Rakiya The Artist?

Throughout my career as an entrepreneurial artist, I have strived to learn through research and experimentation, questioning and introspection by getting out of my comfort zone, regularly through travel and movement, I have found answers and solutions to my many questions about my life as an artist, as a mother and wife, and as a business manager. The change of angle, distance and height allowed me to constantly renew my outlook on a situation and endure this very complex profession, constantly reinventing myself to surprise myself and find the spontaneity of things.

The profession of dancer requires a lot of time and   organizational energy, often the training component is the last. Offering yourself a weekend focused on your dance in the broad sense is an opportunity to give yourself time for the goals you want to achieve or to decide on the change to be made.

During this stay, it is my experience that I will share with professionalism and generosity.

Dance program and breakfast

  • Artistic coaching with Rakiya The Artist before the stay to define your goals and your needs in terms of dance in the broad sense (training, lifestyle, diet, image …)
  • Between 5 and 10 hours of intensive practical and theoretical lessons.
  • Personalized advice from a professional
  • 2 days 1 night half board with breakfast and 1 meal in the form of a culinary workshop.
  • Weekdays or weekends depending on availability
  • dance studio on site
  • possibility of 1 or 2 people
  • Personalized coaching in stage makeup.
  • dance and video photo shoot possible.

Serene spaces that breathe art and invite artistic creation.

To know the conditions, click   here

I hope to be able to welcome you at my place

My Masterclasses, a unique concept!

New   : possibility of organizing   Masterclasses   within your school, association, troop, company or other center for the transmission of the art of dance. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 workshops to start over. Adapt according to your needs and expectations of your group, company or other dance collective.

Testimony of a trainee:

“Thanks to Rakiya The Artist’s masterclasses, I dared to embark on a style of music that scared me” SD

“Rakiya The Artist’s approach is different, it takes me on paths where I would not have ventured before” ID

Objectives of the Masterclasses:

  • Broaden your horizon   and enrich your vocabulary of movement.
  • push   your   limits   and increase your self-confidence.
  • Free the body   and create sensations, leading to new possibilities.

In addition to this technical-emotional work, my dance-lab approach, which made the Masterclasses so successful, brings together dancers from all walks of life. A unique concept   in Belgium   where everyone’s diversity is shared as a true generator    of wealth,   like the   artistic roots of Rakiya The Artist.

A fresh look and new angles to explore a dance constantly reinvented and metamorphosed. Encourage listening with genuine, heartfelt movement that instills spontaneity of feeling. Raise awareness of active listening in learning and welcome change or evolution towards creative autonomy. Discover the program and the conditions   here.

Lectures and interviews Art of dance and culture

Culture through dance is a strong value for Rakiya The Artist, her multiculturalism quickly leads her to conceive of art as a vector and tool for the construction of identity, and of course for the construction of the artistic being.

His curiosity and his scientific approach have enabled him to develop conferences as educational tools on different cultural themes around dance, to receive the program for the 2021-2022 season click   here

Join the Arabesque Corporate Training Program 

Since 2003, the Arabesque Corporate Training Program has thrived on the art scene, its strength: an open company with multiple skills.

The objective of its founder and artistic director: to train the dancers of tomorrow, autonomous, versatile and open to the world.

To register for the auditions, click   here   or participate in the Discovery Immersion program, click   here.

Train to teach dance 

Professionalizing the dance professions in the broad sense in Belgium is an omnipresent desire at Rakiya The Artist, to satisfy this need to develop and to offer complete training with theoretical and practical internships. This training is unique in Belgium. It concerns all those involved in education, teachers or future dance teachers. Training information click   here

The transmission of a rich family value perpetuated with passion for 3 generations.

Araceli Gomez, Rakiya El Maaza and Tatyana D’avolio